FPL Season Restart – Selecting a Gameweek 30+ Team

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How to utilize your Unlimited Transfers to build a powerful squad for DGW30+.

The Premier League is back, but a lot has changed in FPL since football (and the world) was put on hold three months ago. If you’re still unclear about all the changes taking place, make sure you check out our article FPL Restart – Everything You Need to Know.

With the introduction of unlimited transfers before the GW30+ deadline, FPL managers have a unique opportunity to revamp their teams. However, it can be difficult to navigate the new FPL arena. A prolonged break, a condensed schedule and new league rules all offer circumstances that make selecting a team quite challenging.

How should FPL managers set up their team for the remainder of the season? Follow these tips for optimal success:

Form is dead

Players are coming back from a prolonged, three month, quarantine break. There was no team training, and there were no dietitians. As far as player and team form is concerned, this is like entering a brand new season. There is no “form vs. fixture” debate – form is dead.

When selecting a team, FPL managers should be taking a similar approach to that at the beginning of the FPL season. Select consistent, high performing players with favorable schedules. Avoid players who were running on momentum before the break,

Pick a strong bench

With the prolonged break and condensed schedule, player injury is a serious risk. Premier League managers will take advantage of the new 5 substitution rule to protect their players and manage their minutes. Players who were previously “rotation-proof” will now see fewer 90 minute games.

Managing your bench is now more important than ever. Make sure you have at least 2 bench players who you feel comfortable having in your starting lineup at any time. Bench players from top-tier teams are now more valuable than ever. Players like Mason Greenwood and Bukayo Saka can offer tremendous value with increased participation. Teams like Liverpool and Manchester City also offer plenty of options.

Don’t overemphasize DGW 30+

It may be the last DGW this season, but that does not necessarily mean that you should be loading up on Arsenal or Aston Villa players. Never lose sight of the long term goals of your team. Unless you have a Wildcard at your disposal, you should be building a team for the remaining 8 weeks of the season.

Both Arsenal’s and Aston Villa’s fixtures turn in the coming weeks so it may not be advisable to invest too heavily into these teams this week. Meanwhile, many Man City players are notoriously prone to rotation so proceed with caution.

Our DGW 30+ Squad

Below is the squad that we will be rolling with for Double Gameweek 30+:

Gameweek 30+ Squad
Our Gameweek 30+ Squad

The squad above provides plenty of coverage across various Premier League teams. No team is represented by more than two players, to ensure that we are not over-invested in any team. There is sufficient DGW coverage, but also flexibility to pivot in other directions following the conclusion of DGW 30+. The team is balanced with plenty of viable bench options.

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